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Trebia Valuation Group is strategically located within 50 miles of Napa, Stockton. Santa Cruz and the entire San Francisco Bay Area. This enables us to provide appraisal services throughout Northern California. Our CEO has over 30 years of appraisal experience in the San Francisco Bay area.

Mr. Dunlap has appraised over $50 billion in assets in 21 states and Canada, including intangible assets, international joint ventures, properties in Super Fund sites and technical resources. As a CPA from a former “Big 8” firm and a Certified Internal Auditor, his training goes beyond the norm for real estate appraisers. 


Mr. Dunlap has performed nearly 1,000 date of death or gifting appraisals.

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We have appraised nearly half of San Francisco’s 178 SRO’s with more than 75 appraisals.

Gifting Appraisals

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We have audited numerous hotels including nationally recognized branded chains.

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